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ok, these quotes aren't mine and I'm lazy to think at the moment but looking back at all the photos from my high school (sad to say no primary school pics so that will be based on my memories but I definitely remember you Jen!! and Siti! ) to my uni life, I saw the times I spend with friends and well, I easily get emotional and nostalgic because of the wonderful times spend together.
And sometimes I do take friends for granted and well, learn my lesson!
but we shouldn't give up if we have detached ourselves from our friends (but it depends whether that friend is your real friend)
I seen my old friends how they really treasure the friendship and well, I admit, they do make me get emotional because they care and they will always be there for me no matter how far we are. so just a few quotes to remember your friends.

"A real friend is not one who only entertain you, but one who cares about you, one who will be there when you cry"

"You only meet your once in a lifetime friend... once in a lifetime.

"A world without a friend, what would it be? It would be like a world without water, something you need. Friends are like glass, once broken, they are hard to fix. Keep your friends, as you would keep your water."

"How do you know you've found your best friend. When you are ready to talk to them about anything, even though they know everything about you already."

"If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them"

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity."

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

"Dont walk on front of me, i may not follow~ dont walk behind me i may not lead~ just walk beside me and be my friend."

The taste of Blood

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I woke up from my slumber after pulling off a night without sleep. i felt a drip on my lips and chin. did i just drool? using the back of my hand, i wipe it off. till i notice it wasn't saliva but blood. now how did i bleed? did i just bit my lips when i sleep? licking my injured lip, i tasted blood. not to say I LOVE drinking blood but i guess i could understand why vampires like blood so much besides it being their food. it felt like power. (i must be reading too much vampire book. no, i dun read twilight or vampire diary... not that mushy stuff that ruins the name vampire....) but yea, i really don't know how did my lip just bleed.. maybe i need to drink more water... *stares at people's neck* hiss.... alright, done writing, now its time for me to retreat to my coffin.

Pets i want :D

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Pets i want in the future :D

An axolotl ( dunno how to pronounce it :P)
it looks cute and innocent :D
dunno why people find it creepy and disgusting =.=

A cobalt Blue tarantula
it looks cool and hey, it matches my hair :D LOL

A Blue panther chameleon :D
chameleons are cute but i wonder this are for sale...
they look rare but i could be wrong :P

an iguana :D

so far thats all i thought of. but of course, i would only pick one. having too many can be a hassle to look after. so probably i want the chameleon :D

The Dreadful cold has return!!

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great.... just got back from the london trip and i got a cold.... just how did that happen??? besides getting caught under that rain alot... usually im quite sturdy... wonder when did i became so weak. anyways, yes, sick, feeling fatigue, weak, nausea-tic, worst of all... CAN'T SMELL !!! noooooooo!!! which means i would be eating nice food that turns out tasteless cause i can't smell!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!

feel really like crap. head pounding (but i didn't take any alcohol...), can walk but probably gonna walk like some drunkard... and hard to concentrate on my dissertation. its annoying when u have to blow ur nose every 5 minutes... yes, my dustbin would be full of tissue containing my mucus. almost lost my voice this morning, but manage to get something out, but after awhile, my voice change into a manlier voice... according to hui yann. body temperature gone haywired cause it would be hot then suddenly change cold so can't really tell what im feeling. if your reading this Karen, don't tell mom or dad :P otherwise they are gonna worry... so yea, im fine (sort of). anyways, today, it snowed for 5 sec. dangnabit, why must i be sick when the snow is coming??!! i won't be able to play with the snow (T^T)

London Bridge Experience

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Just got back from my travel to London with Jon and a friend. it was a nice trip :D really fun. cause i get to go somewhere that my family have not been to yet. so it was really exciting on deciding where to go and such (besides going shopping, sometimes shopping bores me.... i like to shop but not the whole day... i would die...) Anyways, I should be talking about the places that we visited but.... the london bridge experience is something that I CAN NEVER FORGET!! WOOHOO!! XD
well, it was really funny getting there. we used an underground train tube to arrive at the right street. once we are out, we tried finding our way with the map around the street. we were confident~ adventurous~ but.... we went the wrong way!!! Jon opened the map with out friend, i just looked at it but usually i just leave it to them (shouldn't do that...) we weren't sure where we are that time, so i just asked an old lady and she was also the one who approached us and all asking are we alright. so I asked her where is the London Dungeon and she gave me a OMG look. like OH NO NOT ANOTHER ONE kinda look. but she still guide us the way (she walk with us, such a nice old lady, i should quit making jokes about old ladies) so while we were walking, i find it awkward that its gonna be a quiet walk towards there so i just started a conversation with her. she asked me why do I wanna go to the London Dungeon. Apparently my inner feelings was like ITS GONNA BE AWESOME, IM EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HORRORS AWAITS AND WHAT KIND OF HORROR STORIES WILL THERE BE!!!
but instead, i answered her : " oh, i just thought it might interest me~ ( i lied... but hey, dun wanna scare an old lady who is guiding us the way) she then told me she was from the association who is against all tortures and the london dungeon was a place where tortures took place last time. so first thing in my head was OH CRAP! yea, she then start telling me her fascination towards man who are interested in this kind of entertainment although we know its bad. she didn't exactly guide us all the way but she did help us alot. she told us the direction on where to go and such and she told me to "look after the boys" i was like D: shouldn't they be looking after me??? i considered it as a joke. so we move on.
we arrived the right street now but we couldn't find the entrance so we asked those people who were handing out fliers about the london bridge experience ( i know i kept changing london dungeon into london bridge experience[LBE] but the LBE is the place where we are going, London Dungeon is another place.) we asked him and he gave us a discount (WOOHOO!) and i was the only one jumping with joy cause i really want to go in there. he guide us the way and he told me this, " Take care of the guys"
i was like (O____O) what?? again??? it was funny so we didn't really bother about it, we just moved on.
bought the tickets with the discount, went to pee (to prevent ourselves from pissing our own trousers) and we went in. there was a man who gave an introduction of this whole journey that we were about to take. he talk and talk and then he said, you need to have a leader. someone... BRAVE...someone...STRONG... COURAGEOUS... *points finger at me* YOU THERE YOUNG LADY! STEP RIGHT UP! YOU WILL BE THE LEADER!
i was like (O___O) AGAIN????? it was really funny, the three of us just broke down and laugh. we went in and it really make my heart nervous. one guy suddenly jump in front of me but he wasn't a monster or such (thank God...) telling us the story of the vikings. and moving on to another room. when we open the room, the first thing i saw was a woman sitting on the floor with crossed feet. first thing that comes in me and Jon's head was OMG A WITCH!!! so we didn't dare go near her..... LOOOL. she asked for a lift, i wasn't kind enough so i push Jon to picked her up. XD apparently she wasn't a witch... she was just a normal citizen. telling us the story of the fire of london, she then asked whats fire in our language, so we said API. and she pronounce it as A PEE!! Lool. so we actually had to run to some place cause of the "A PEE" and we were warned about further ahead is the TRUE HORROR. we were a little hesitant cause what we are about to enter is the UK'S BEST SCARE ATTRACTION which won 3 AWARDS for 3 YEARS!!
but we went on anyways, it was really scary as we saw some dummies that quite look lifelike. i was suppose to be infront but i ended up behind Jon so he ended up leading. our friend was behind me and we had to walking single file line and our hands on the shoulder of the person in front of you. so we move on. it was scary but me and Jon hold in our screams. apparently our friend was on a screamathon... he kept screaming for any thing that pops up. and he jolted alot... so the actors in the horror house ended up targeting him cause both of us weren;t screaming at all. it was scary but we had to endure it otherwise they are gonna keep scaring us. kinda easy to figure our their tactics. oh god, so many things to talk about but its best that you experience it yourself. well, if you daring to~

A little heads up on what is IN there~

you can check out the link if you want~ http://www.thelondonbridgeexperience.com/


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Nothing I say comes out right

I can’t love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun, it rains
I’m so sick of wasting time
But nothing’s moving in my mind
Inspiration can’t be found
I get up and fall but

I’m ALIVE!, I’m ALIVE! oh yeah
Between the good and bad’s
You’ll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight
And I’ll sleep when I die
I’ll live my life I’m ALIVE!

Every lover breaks my heart
And I know it from the start
Still I end up in a mess
Every time I second guess
All my friends just run away
When I’m having a bad day
I would rather stay in bed but I know there’s a reason

I’m ALIVE!, I’m ALIVE! oh yeah
Between the good and bad’s
You’ll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight
And I’ll sleep when I die
I’ll live my life I’m ALIVE!

When I’m bored to death at home
When he won’t pick up the phone
When I’m stuck in second place
Those regrets I can’t erase
Only I can change the end
Of the movie in my head
There’s no time for misery
I won’t feel sorry for me

I’m ALIVE!, I’m ALIVE! oh yeah
Between the good and bad’s
You’ll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight
And I’ll sleep when I die
I’ll live my life I’m ALIVE!

My Bosom friend

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My Bosom friend,
you work hard,
you did your best.

Give yourself a pat
and give your mind a rest.

Never condemn yourself,
nor blame your birth

your already perfect
so don't object.

burning the midnight's oil,
it makes your blood boil.

drinking nothing but coffee
your a tough cookie.

what keeps you going is not the coffee,
its your determination to cast your nets widely.

hardworking and talented
you hold all the aces.

Don't compare yourself to others,
what you have is worth a million dollars.

Enjoy the process
and you'll progress.

a stepping stone
a bird has flown

that bird is you.


My Bosom friend,
you may be small and petite
but to me your short and sweet.

( my rhyming maybe abit off... well, its cause its like 2am here so im probably writing to you in a half sleep state (><) anyways, whenever ur down in the dumps, read this! GET YOUR SPIRIT UP! hope this cheers you up midget! )